Vegan Korean Bibimbap is a super easy dish to make. It’s packed full of flavour, quick to prepare and great for getting your five a day.

I adore asian food – the food is so rich in flavour and is full of variety. This dish is Korean (like my kimchi recipe).I feel the way about my local oriental supermarket that most people feel about buying new shoes. So many exotic unusual delicious ingredients under one roof. Japanese food used to my go to cuisine but Korean is quickly becoming my favourite.

What other Korean dishes are vegan?

Japchae which is a kind of Korean Sweet Potato Noodle dish, Pajeon a spring Onion pancake), Joomuk-bap also known as Seasoned Rice Balls, Hobak Juk Pumpkin Porridge, Tofu Kangjung (General Tso’s Tofu) and of course Kimchi.

Bibimbap is the perfect way to use up all those leftovers but can be made from fresh vegetables too. Bibimbap is a popular dish in Korea – it is made up of a rice base topped with several types of fresh vegetables and gochujang sauce (red chili pepper paste). The vegetables are accompanied with tofu, meat or seafood. For this healthy vegan bibimbap recipe I used fried tofu cubes.

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I love quick and easy to make recipes that taste amazing! This meal looks delicious and one to be added to my cook book! Thank you for sharing xxx



Oh wow this looks amazing and so colourful. I love trying new food and haven’t tried much Japanese. I’m not vegan but my sister is so I’m always open to trying vegan recipes!
Soph – x


Woahhh this looks super yummy! I usually love to see vibrant and colorful foods it’s honestly like you can see all the rich nutrients popping out at you. Im not vegan but I’m actually very picky and don’t eat loads of stuff esp most meats so this should be a fun meal for me to try…bookmarked! ???

xx Lena |

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