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How is 2018 treating you so far? Are you sticking to your fitness goals or dealing with work stress, hangovers, new year woes and dreary British weather?If your keen for this year to be your best year yet both physically and emotionally then maybe a fitness retreat is exactly what you need. A chance to recharge your batteries, amplify your fitness and all in the company of like-minded people in beautiful surroundings.
In this fast paced world it has become ever more important to look after yourself. Fitness levels can impact on so many parts of your life. Fitness retreats or the perfect place to get advice and tips on living a better life and can be enjoyed solo or with family or friends. So I’ve collected a list of the best fitness retreats available this year.

Surf Shanti Portugal Wild and Free Retreat


Carly Rowena is an amazing fitness blogger whose videos have been a godsend to me. On this retreat she will be guiding you through outdoor workouts that push you past your comfort zone, targeting every inch of your body, as well as teaching you how to make the most out of your time, how to understand what works for you and why fitness and wellbeing is a journey NOT a destination. Each class will be different, from mobility and strength, HIIT, endurance, form and of course core control.

Spring Awakening

Sri Lanka

Recharge at this beachside haven in Sri Lanka. The retreat is led by London-based osteopath and acupuncturist Sam Kankanamge – founder of the Sen Wellness Clinic.

Whether you need to lose weight or tackle a health issue, they will tailor a programme to suit your needs. It might include authentic Ayurveda treatments and meals, yoga, osteopathy and acupuncture.

Spring Awakening Retreat


One of the newest retreats on the block. This one combines outdoor movement sessions such as climbing and jumping with workshops on food.

Based in the mountains, in an eco village of refurbished farm buildings. Great food, fitness and massage. They’ll will inspire you to live more healthily. Runs twice yearly.


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