I’m pretty new to this Veggie thing but so far it really agrees with me. I feel healthier, i’m losing weight and I feel good knowing that I’m not contributing to animal cruelty. As a newbie I’ve relied on a handful of blogs and websites to provide me with inspiration. I’ve found this works best when I plan out my meals and factor in some tasty snacks to create a Vegan for Weight Loss meal plan.

But finding Veggie meals isn’t the only aspect as I’m trying to lose weight so I need the meals to be healthy, tasty and VEGAN. So I’ve put together a 7-day Vegan for Weight Loss meal plan that ticks all my boxes. Vegan food is more than just buddha bowls (I do love a buddha bowl though) and this plan shows what amazing food you can make with a little planning and foresight. I hope you’ll try a few of them.

There is a misconception that veggie food is boring or not tasty.The following recipes show that this isn’t true. There are a whole host of health benefits to cutting meat out of your diet and of course there are ethical and moral benefits too. Why not give it a try? I think you’ll be surprised at quite how delicious and nutritious vegetarian food can be.

Vegan for Weight Loss Meal Plan


Vegan for Weight Loss


Vegan for Weight Loss


Vegan for Weight Loss

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