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Earlier this month I spent a glorious 9 days in Perth, Western Australia (actually I left at the end of October and returned last week). Australia is a fascinating country, in many ways it is like the UK but it has a few noticeable differences. There is of course the weather – it was Spring when I visited and a normal temperature is around 30 degrees celsius. Then there is the lifestyle – Australia is an outdoor-focused nation and Perth is full of amazing outdoor spaces.
I arrived into Perth around 1pm. My awesome boyfriend had arrived a day earlier so he met me at the airport. After a quick trip to our rented vacation home we headed out to an area in East Perth called Claisebrook Cove. It’s a lovely area where people go to enjoy boating and water activities, public art, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops, all with stunning views and a relaxed atmosphere. We spent it right next to the water at a lovely bar called The Royal on the Waterfront. Stunning views and good food were the order of the day here.

We followed this up with birthday celebrations for an Australian friend at Nicholsons bar and Grill (best steak ever!) Then onto the wonderful Fremantle which is a hipsters paradise chock full of hip bars, coffee shops, independent shops and the world famous Fremantle market. I actually loved it so much that I went three times.

Other highlights included Hillary’s marina, Canning Vale, Kings Park, Mandurah and Northbridge.

At Mandurah we went on an amazing cruise that included seeing dolphins playing in the water. I love dolphins even more now. Such elegant but fun animals. Kings Park has amazing views out over onto Perth. Northbridge (along with Fremantle) is probably one of my favourite places in the city. It is a great mix of reasonably priced but trendy restaurants, cool and unique bars and it is right next to the train station. We were warned about the area on our first night but those fears were unfounded. It turned out to be a highlight of the city.

If I had to name a favourite restaurant out of the many that we visited, it would have to be Mister Walker. It is an amazing place. The adventure started at Perth CBD – a quick drink at the Lucky Shag followed by a ferry across the water. Mister Walkers sits right on a jetty and looks out onto Central Perth. The food was top notch and delivered to our table quickly. The atmosphere was relaxed, location couldn’t be better and the management were attentive. The drinks were flowing and the company was perfect (thanks Mark!).

I’d highly recommend Perth as a travel destination and wish I could go back right now. It is just one of those places that you can’t help loving. The people and the place make this a must visit city.

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