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Europe is a huge melting pot of amazing destinations, diverse people and iconic landmarks. Whether you like city breaks, beach holidays, great shopping or amazing food Europe has you covered. Now I may be biased since I'm European and Europe


For Mark's 40th birthday we headed to the beautiful island of Procida, Italy which is a quick 45 minute journey from Naples Harbour. It cost roughly 15 euros for our tickets across the water. Procida is a beautiful but small


Of all the Destinations we visited whilst in Italy, Rome was our favourite. Rome is a vast and wonderful city. There is enough to do in this city to keep you entertained and delighted for months. This is a city


Florence is a beautifully wonderful city, well known for being the spiritual home of the renaissance art movement. Art is at the heart of this great city and the movements influence is seen throughout the city. You can see frescoes