Tell me – how much of your blog traffic comes from Instagram? Do you want to increase blog traffic? Are you spending an endless amount of time posting perfectly composed photos, interacting with other users via likes and comments?

increase blog traffic

Instagram is a great social network but are you fully utilising it and seeing results? If Instagram isn’t converting followers into blog readers then it clearly isn’t working as a blog promotion tool.

Follow our guidelines and we’ll have you benefitting from its features in no time. Your blog will thank us for it. I promise!

Convert your personal account to a business one. Tailor your content around what your followers are interested in, it should closely align with the content you post to your blog. A business account gives you access to the insights function, which should help you find out what content works best.

Use the crowdfire app to sync your blogposts with your instagram. This ensures that your posts get pushed through to your instagram account.

Use Instagram Stories. This is a little like using Snapchat, the items you post disappear after 24 hours. It’s a really good way to share coverage from an event or holiday or maybe use it to share behind-the-scenes photos from a blogging photoshoot or vlog.

Don’t forget hashtags. Use the photos caption to describe the photo and post a comment to add in your hashtags. Use the hashtags that your target user will use. You can look to other bloggers for inspiration. Find a hashtag tool to see which ones are popular. Instagram allows you to use up to 30.

How To Get Traffic From Your Profile To Your Website

Use a tool to add multiple links to your instagram page. is a good one! Promote your posts but don’t spam your followers. You may even want to create an instagram landing page on your blog and link to it from your profile. On this page, you can highlight your best posts and encourage signups to your email newsletter.

Frequency of posting

To ensure optimal growth I’d advise posting at least once a day.

Make it part of your daily blog-related routine.

Instagram Stories

Followers can really get to know you via Instagram stories. Create that connection with your followers and they’re more likely to connect with your blog content too. Allow your personality to really shine through in these posts. Give your followers an insight into your daily life!

I hope you find these tips useful to increase blog traffic to your site! I managed to grow my own account by other 2000 followers in a matter of weeks so these steps really do work!

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