When you’re a new blogger, promoting your blog can seem like a bit of a minefield. Most bloggers know the usual techniques – social media, SEO, commenting etc but in this post I’ll share some techniques that you won’t find in the usual grow your blog posts. Following these steps will allow you to boost your traffic and if you follow all the steps you should notice a sizeable difference in traffic. Let’s get started on ways to grow your blog!

Grow Your Blog

No.1 – Utilise Quora

Quora is a popular question and answer search engine. You’ve likely come across it when searching via Google. It ranks highly and their content is user generated. Quora forum threads rank for tens of thousands of search queries and they get a tonne of organic traffic to their questions and answers. 

But bloggers can use Quora to grow your blog. To do this, just pick a few threads that are linked to the article you’re trying to boost and submit answers to the designated question with a link to your post. Don’t be spammy – submit a well-thought out response and insert your link into your response. Quora links are nofollow but the aim is for people to click on the link and not to boost inbound links to your site (there are other ways of increasing do follow links to your site).

No.2 Use Sniply

Sniply is a fantastic tool. It’s a free tool that allows you to share interesting content to your social media accounts but the best bit is that you can add a link to a blog post of your choice that appears at the bottom of the post. For example, this is a Refinery29 post that I shared on Twitter.

grow your blog

At the bottom you can see a post of mine that is related to the one I shared. So if you have a new post go to google and search for terms related to your post. Take the top ranking post. Then add it to Sniply – simply add text for your link and then share it to your social networks. You can even tag in the account of the website whose post you’re sharing and get extra interaction with the link. Simples!

No. 3 Buzzbundle

Buzzbundle is one of my newest discoveries. With this fab tool you can track conversations related to chosen keywords. It scours social networks, forums and Q&A sites.

With this content tracked you can engage with the people sharing or commenting on that content. It is a fantastic way to both increase engagement and discover others who share your interests. These people are going to be more pre-disposed to your content as you already know they have an interest in that subject area.

No.4 Link Roundups

You’ve all heard of link roundups right? Many blogs have them. Here’s one such post:

grow your blog

Roundups are a great way to encourage engagement on social networks. They are also a great grow your blog link building strategy.

Other bloggers are much more likely to link to posts or articles which mention their own content. Don’t forget to @ the bloggers featured when sharing on social media to really reap the social benefits of link posts.

No.5 WordPress Forums and Jetpack

WordPress is a great platform. And their forums are a wealth of information. They offer daily post prompts and if you take part your link gets featured on their website which can be seen by millions of WordPress users. If you’re on self-hosted WordPress add the jetpack plugin to really benefit from wordpress.com’s very popular follow function. You’ll see I have a WordPress follow button in my site’s header. Alongside this you get detailed built in stats, faster loading photos for improved site speed, enhanced galleries and a host of other functions.

No.6 Facebook Groups

Facebook’s groups function is brilliant to grow your blog. There are many blogging groups that allow you to promote your blog and social networks. Just do a quick search for blogging under groups and you’ll see many options. Some of these groups have more than 50,000 members and you can join groups specific to your niche. They really are an excellent way to get your blog seen by thousands of people.

No.7 Pinterest Group Boards

Many bloggers under utilise Pinterest group boards. They are a fantastic way to promote your posts. There are tonnes of group boards and many have upwards of 100,000 members. Check the rules for the board and then message the board owner to request to be added. I’ve only just started to really use Pinterest but my pins are already getting 1000s of views. So jump on the Pinterest bandwagon and really see your traffic grow.

No.8 Social Media Mentions

Don’t forget that if you mention any bloggers in your posts, @mention them in any social media posts promoting said article. These bloggers can often have a large amount of followers that you can leverage.

Next time you compose a post ensure you mention any bloggers referenced in the post via social media. One retweet or share can really pay dividends.

No.9 Forums

Forums are an undervalued way of generating traffic but the more people who see your content the better. Forum users also tend to be more socially engaged and thus your social engagement will increase too. Finding relevant forums is easy too. Just use a search engine and type in your blog’s niche (ie beauty) then add forum. So I might search for travel + forums. Then scour the list for relevant forums.

No.10 Time Your Posts Appropriately

With regards to engagement via social networks, timing is important. With a specific end goal of increasing social media engagement and clicks through to your content, you should post when most users are on the web. Tweriod is perfect for this. It is a free of charge tool that lets you know when the biggest number of your followers are online and connecting with your content.

Just look for overlapping between high numbers of both social media activity and engagement. These are the times you should be posting to grow your blog.

I hope you’ve found this grow your blog guide useful and don’t forget to share if I’ve helped you in any way.

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