I remember when I first discovered a love of makeup when I was in my teens. Back then things were very different when little to few Beauty Brands for Black Women. I’d gaze at the foundations in Boots and sigh at the lack of choice. But thankfully, times have changed. With the UK more diverse than ever brands have cottoned on to the fact that catering to all skin tones is good for business. Not only are there brands that cater almost exclusively to black skin tones but now the major brands have expanded their range to give us more choice than ever. Whether your budget is high-street or luxury, now you’ll likely be able to find a foundation that suits you. No more ashy looking skin or foundations that aren’t quite right.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of Beauty Brands for Black Women that are really upping their beauty game –  with more colour choices, great pigment, and amazing finishes. If you’re looking for new base products that really enhance your beautiful features, we’ve got you covered.

Iman Cosmetics

You can’t have a list of Beauty Brands for Black Women without featuring the queen – Iman. This brand has been around for ages but despite other contenders to the throne, it is still the best. With products made for medium to dark skin tones, their foundation range is perfect for black women. I can’t guarantee they’ll make you look like Iman but their products are amazing and reasonably priced given the quality. My favourite product is their Luxury Concealing Foundation.


I’ve been a fan of Illamasqua for a long time. Their colour range is amazing – not only for their base products but also for their eye and lip products. The quality is great, highly pigmented and lasts well. Skin base is my go to product when I need foundation that lasts all day. Their bright lip and eye products are perfect for dark skin tones and they truly understand the issues that many black women have in the beauty arena.



MAC is a well-known brand who are well-known for their extensive colour choices. They create high-pigment formulas whose bright shade range is perfect for black women. Not only that but their foundation shade range is immense. They were one of the first major brands to cater to women of colour and where they lead others follow.


Beauty Brands for Black Women

EX1 was originally created by Farah Naz to appeal to women whose skin tone possessed yellow and gold tones. as such they are great for women from Asian backgrounds as well as for black women. Their foundations come in at under £13 and Boots have recently started stocking them. a great brand well-loved by celebrities and beauty bloggers alike.

Makeup for Ever

Beauty Brands for Black Women

The professional makeup artists favourite brand. Makeup For Ever are well-loved in the beauty world. With amazing finishes, easy to apply formulas and brilliant staying power it is easy to see why. Their foundations come in a huge choice of shades and their Ultra HD foundation comes in a whopping 40 shades. One brand that is not to be missed.

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